Triple letter score

Precision is the hallmark of our approach at TRU and is evident in every aspect of our operations. It’s ingrained in our name, where each letter signifies our vision and values. These three pillars have been our guiding lights since the start, consistently steering us towards exceptional performances and crystal-clear insights. Personalized, yet professional. Authentic and revolutionary. Focused, but with an ever-open mind. The best of many worlds, encapsulated in one powerful three-letter word.

Truthentic approach

Truthentic approach

The path of least resistance? Not for us. Cleanroom and equipment cleaning pose intricate challenges. That’s why we truly value authenticity. Honesty, openness, and accessible communication are prerequisites for success, both in the quality of our work and in our collaborations. Thankfully, we speak your language from the very first meeting.

Our roots trace back to the (bio)pharmaceutical industry, continually branching out to other sectors through hands-on experience. This not only keeps us updated on the latest techniques and regulations, but positions us as industry leaders. It also allows us to guarantee an honest, well-founded, and effective solution for every problem.

Revolutionary impact

Revolutionary impact

We never shy away from our responsibilities. Rather, we embrace them. With our accumulated expertise and the broad support of a robust team, we aim to purposefully make an impact in the world of critical cleaning and disinfection. With success! Apart from financial gains, our collective efforts with clients actively contribute to the well-being of the public.

While you dedicate yourself to developing new pharmaceuticals, medical devices, or innovative food technologies, we create a stable environment that complies with the strictest hygiene norms. Just like you, we leverage groundbreaking technologies and adhere to the highest standards. Great minds think alike and together set the bar where it belongs.

Unique focus

Unique focus

Undoubtedly, we can agree that critical cleaning goes far beyond traditional janitorial work, primarily due to its emphasis on quality. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and dedicate 100% of our focus to what we do best: ensuring that your critical production processes operate under the best possible conditions.

This approach enables you to focus on your core activities. So rest assured, we’ve got you covered from start to finish. We always adhere to established procedures, with constant attention to advice, follow-up, feedback, and adjustments. Meanwhile, all data is carefully maintained in an intelligent documentation and reporting tool. After all, we like to keep things clean and tidy—online and offline.

How TRU made a splash in cleanroom cleaning?

7 sleep tight solutions

As mentioned: our partnership goes beyond the purely transactional. Drawing from our vast experience and expertise, we know what keeps you up at night. And yes, that keeps us awake too. Because your business concerns are our challenges, and your peace of mind becomes our top priority. That is why we immerse ourselves in your business reality, translating your seven primary concerns into just as many customized solutions.

  Your problem Our Solution
Safe Products A single contamination incident can tarnish the reputation of my business. I want to enhance safety measures and retain control at all times. With our digital registration system, you can track all actions in real-time, thereby ensuring the continuous quality of your procedures and products.

Efficient Processes

Monitoring, adjusting, and optimizing cleaning procedures takes up valuable time and frequently disrupts my business processes. Achieve a hassle-free cleaning process with no disruptions to your regular workflows with the help of clear timings and agreements, and centralized digital management.
Perfect Procedures Regulations regarding hygiene and safety are becoming increasingly extensive and complex. I find myself falling behind and facing the risk of non-compliance. We are familiar with all current procedures and regulations, and meticulously monitor everything for you while eliminating any audit concerns.
Optimal Profits Inadequate cleaning impacts my profitability. The recall of a non-functional product or device can result in significant financial losses. Our customized cleaning procedure guarantees a flawless and cost-effective outcome, no matter what.
Concerned Professionals External cleaners often fail to grasp the impact their job has on my organization, team, and products. Every TRU member undergoes comprehensive training, ensuring a keen understanding of their responsibilities with the help of meticulous supervision.
Healthy Patients Even the smallest contamination in my production or research process poses a threat to the safety of my patients.  By focusing exclusively on cleanroom cleaning and leveraging our accumulated expertise, we guarantee a procedure that is 100% safe and quality-assured.
Loyal Partnerships External partnerships are not always durable. Misaligned expectations often result in a breakdown of cooperation. 

At TRU, our focus is on cultivating enduring partnerships. We delve into your organization from day one, taking a proactive approach to steer you towards a future free of concerns.

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