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TRU Cleanroom Cleaning
We zero in on contamination

We zero in on contamination

  • Specialists
  • Highest standards of cleanliness
  • Personal approach
  • Honest and reliable advice


Without a trace

Step into the world of TRU, where cleaning and disinfecting is more than a service—it's a culmination of scientific expertise and innovation, breaking new ground in the cleaning industry.

Exclusively dedicated to the cleaning of cleanrooms, TRU recognizes that unique environments demand a unique strategy. That is why our renowned cleaning approaches align seamlessly with the highest benchmarks of quality, hygiene, safety and GMP. Every particle in the air is a target meticulously removed by our experts, guaranteeing the best possible conditions for your operations. Turning immaculate spaces into immaculate success.

A glance of who we are? 

What sets us apart

Tru critical cleaning

True cleaning goes beyond the observation of the naked eye. We delve into the microscopic realm, eradicating invisible particles and mitigating the risk for potential health or contamination hazards. Whether it's the life science, high tech, or innovative food industries, TRU sets the benchmark for all specialized sectors that require the highest levels of purity.

What sets us apart

TRU consultancy

We don't just follow the cleanroom script; we write it. TRU audits your cleanroom processes with a keen eye, offering strategic advice that's always spot-on—from final checks to a complete overhaul of your operations.

What sets us apart

TRU Academy

Want to empower your own team to reach higher standards of cleanliness? We grow cleaning champions through our customized training programs. Our experts readily share their knowledge, drawing from the latest trends and innovations in cleanroom cleaning.

Cleaning TRU and TRU

TRU embodies the essence of thorough cleaning, aspiring to excellence in every intricate detail. With specialized expertise and an unwavering passion for perfection, each letter in TRU symbolizes our mission: to make a significant impact on individuals, businesses, and society at large.


We say what we do and do what we say, fulfilling our commitments and leveraging the necessary expertise to transform your needs into tailored solutions. Our goal is to achieve more than a spotless result; we aspire to build a sustainable partnership.

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We want to set the gold standard for cleanliness. Preventing contamination isn't merely a responsibility, it's a vital duty with the potential to save lives. Through continuous innovation, we actively shape the future landscape of cleaning practices.

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A jack of all trades is a master of none. We believe in mastering our craft, which is why we intentionally specialize in the niche of cleanroom cleaning. Critical cleaning goes above and beyond routine cleaning tasks. Our unparalleled expertise guarantees a 100% worry-free experience, every single time.

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Strenght in numbers

TRU stands out with its people-oriented approach, building on a scientific methodology with years of hands-on practice. Our track record speaks volumes about our expertise. 

So do the numbers:

You, however, are not a number … 

Expercience our customer-centric approach firsthand. 



We ZERO in on contamination.



We guarantee ONE reliable partner that excels at GMP.


Audit synergy

We believe TWO heads are better than one when it comes to audits and certifications.


Triple TRU

We believe that all good things come in THREEs, that’s TRU


4D Excellence

We have a vision on cleaning that’s FOUR-dimensional


High value

We give a high FIVE for your core



We innovate because our concern about health, efficiency and quality is INFINITE

They tell the tru-th

Since engaging their services, we have witnessed improvements in our overall cleanroom monitoring, particularly related to Human DNA particles . Previously, when working with other cleaning companies, we  sometimes encountered quality events. However, TRU's professional approach and specialized knowledge have alleviated these concerns.


What makes TRU stand out? Their proactive mindset. Instead of waiting for issues to arise, they anticipate them with a forward-thinking approach. Wouter, Inge, and Vanessa are always accessible and approachable. I often marvel at how they do it, given the hectic times we live in. Yet, with a relatively small team, they are able to make a big impact.

We optimize the production process for cultured meat, which demands a meticulously clean environment. TRU's expertise empowers us to focus on our core business and growth ambitions. Vanessa is actively involved and conducts regular on-site visits. Throughout my lifelong career in laboratories, I've never encountered such dedication and quality. Their equipment and execution reach the highest standards.

The TRU team cleans our cleanroom twice a year. Our daily cleaning is managed by our own employees, which TRU embraced without any issues. On the contrary, during a high-quality training course, they shared all the ins and outs of the trade with our staff. Notably, Vanessa personally oversees her team, displaying tremendous dedication and readiness to offer guidance. A blend of passion, expertise, and service that is truly exceptional.