UZ Gent and TRU: a perfect partnership

Critical cleaning  

When UZ Gent opened a new cleanroom in 2023, the search for a specialized cleaning partner began. TRU got in touch for the first time in 2020, but the pandemic threw a spanner in the works. However, as the search for a new cleanroom cleaning partner continued, TRU was top of mind. Sarah van Mossevelde, hospitality service manager at UZ Gent, discusses the pleasant collaboration.

In the new cleanroom, pharmacy staff will prepare medication for patients and clinical studies in accordance with strict quality standards. They will also oversee the preparation of sterile and non-sterile medications and the production of non-sterile pharmaceutical products for clinical studies that require a GMP permit.

UZ Gent has two smaller cleanrooms that are serviced by a conventional cleaning company, but they wanted to take a different approach with the new cleanroom. “Training a regular cleaning company in the complex rules and regulations involved in cleanroom cleaning is possible,” explains Sarah. “Cleanrooms are categorized into specific classes to which specific regulations apply. Our clinical cleanrooms range from class D to class B, with B being the strictest category. We were looking for a partner who understood these complexities. That’s when TRU reappeared on our radar. They know the rules of each class, can provide accurate time estimates, and take over all cleaning responsibilities for our partner in the new cleanroom.”


Unmatched knowledge and flexibility

The first meeting with Wouter from TRU went well. “During the initial tour of the building and the cleanroom, Wouter gave us a quote and shared valuable tips and tricks on how we could do things differently,” explains Sarah. “This convinced us of TRU's knowledge and experience, which is unmatched in their niche.” TRU’s expertise in the field of cleanroom cleaning is invaluable. “Their flexibility is a huge plus in our sector. UZ Gent will undergo significant renovations in the coming years, with a new main building scheduled for completion in 2029. The cleanroom and the other pharmacy departments will be relocated to a new logistical centre next to this building. This calls for tremendous flexibility from all partners involved. When the containers for medical waste were recently moved, the TRU team didn't miss a beat. And when a specific cart or cleaning product is out of stock, they deliver it themselves. That’s what I call service. It also guarantees smooth operations in the cleanrooms themselves. TRU is a partner you can rely on.”


Supportive partner

The TRU team constitutes only 5% of the hospital’s overall cleaning services. “But this 5% is crucial to our operations,” says Sarah. “We handle about 50% of the cleaning in-house and the rest we outsource to external firms. At the moment, TRU has four team members in our cleanroom. In addition to clinical cleaning, they also take on other tasks at the request of our cleanroom’s internal client. This can range from washing lab equipment to logistical tasks. TRU also arranges a back-up when a team member is unavailable and schedules all leave days and vacation days – one less thing for our client to worry about. TRU’s site manager, Freddy De Doncker, maintains contact with the client and monitors the quality of the cleaning activities.”

When asked whether Sarah would recommend TRU to other hospitals or businesses, her response is enthusiastic. “Absolutely! We were one of the first hospitals in Flanders to have an in-house cleanroom with a GMP permit. Having it cleaned by a professional is crucial. And when that professional is also accessible, flexible and personally involved in the entire process, you can’t help but recommend them wholeheartedly!”


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